The Jolly Boys

The Jolly Boys first formed in the early 1940s in Port Antonio, Jamaica, and to this day remain the most prominent torchbearers of the folk musical style of Mento. Not only are they keeping Mento alive, thanks to music industry veteran and producer Jon Baker, they’re revitalizing and reinventing it by doing their take on popular hits such as Amy Winehouse’s “Rehab,” Iggy Pop’s “Passenger” and Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day.” Their modern Mento album “Great Expectation” was released internationally to commercial and critical acclaim. Over sixty years later, the Jolly Boys have been reunited and reincarnated for yet another generation to enjoy. Ever the inspired talents, they are an historical link to Jamaica’s musical heritage, as well as a vital and living embodiment of the timeless and dynamic sound of Mento. 2015 saw the release of their classic Mento reinterpretation of “Day-O,” one of the most popular songs in the catalogue of the genre, with production by Dale Virgo and Jon Baker.