In addition to the Cocosan private villa, the stunning Panorama, a 4-bedroom property that has been under renovation for the past year is now complete under the Geejam Collection umbrella.  More than an island retreat, Panorama is a contemporary residence set on one acre of naturally landscaped gardens that offer incredible views of the Caribbean Sea. Hollywood starlet Audrey Hepburn and her son spent summer holidays there regularly in the ‘80s, while several other big screen idols have frequented the area during Port Antonio’s prime. “The beauty of these two properties, Cocosan and Panorama, is that they connect via a short path, so you can enjoy a very exclusive 10-bedroom private villa experience,” says Geejam Collection co-founder Steve Beaver.  “Some of the artists who stay with us prefer the privacy of the villa experience rather than staying at the hotel with other guests – it’s another option.”  Beaver says that both villas have already played host to a string of celebrities, some of whom have become instant loyalists and repeat guests as is the case for many who fall sway to the spell of Port Antonio’s sequestered beauty and laid-back cool.

“So basically this renovation model led us to realize that our palette going forward, when it comes to property development and hospitality, had to be situated within San San Estates,” Beaver continues, “because it’s an area that is really stand alone in terms of the natural landscapes.”  San San is a cloistered stretch of coast and mountain running from Drapers to the Blue Lagoon that boasts some of the area’s most beautiful beaches and natural sanctuaries.

Originally a 2000-acre property used for grazing cattle, a group of friends launched a campaign to ‘bring back Portland’s wealth and beauty.’ San San soon became at least the part-time home to many notables, including Baron Hans Heinrich Thyssen-Bornemisza whose family still owns the 8-acre property and home at the tip of Alligator Head. Today the area, which is approximately 4 miles east of Port Antonio’s main town center, is a hub of hotels, villas, and beaches, including the iconic Blue Lagoon, and both Frenchman’s Cove and San San beaches.eejam

Future Geejam projects involve purchasing small lots of surrounding land and building custom-designed villas for market sale.  “Panorama was recently sold and is managed as part of the Geejam Collection,” Beaver explains. “This way, the owners are able to enjoy all the financial benefits of a hotel rental property along with the Geejam amenities, including the Bushbar and our private beach, allowing them to soak up the vibe and participate in the success of the brand.” While the Collection is devoted to an ethos of contemporary lifestyle with a generous nod to pop culture, it remains very close to its history and roots. Sam Shields Authentic Jersey

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