The holidays are fast approaching and what better way to celebrate than by planning a trip with family and friends to one of Jamaica’s best-kept secrets. We have your Port Antonio itinerary ready. Here’s a sneak peak!

Take a Divine Dip

Frenchman’s Cove is a perfect marriage of classic romanticism and rustic charm. A clear, freshwater stream that pours directly into the sea enhances its warm saltwater mystique, while its rainforest landscapes hearken back to its peak as the jet-set resort of the 60s. Named by Condé Nast Traveler as being “probably the prettiest beach on the island,” there is also a seaside bar serving delicious cocktails and casual fare. The stunning view alone is worth the trip!

Explore Nature’s Sanctuary

The natural world at its modern-day best, Reach Falls is ranked as one of Jamaica’s more exceptionally situated waterfalls. This ecological sanctuary is sheltered by virgin rain forest and accentuated by crystal clear rock pools, lovely bamboo stands, and draping vines. Reach has been the location for more than one Hollywood film, not the least of which was Roger Donaldson’s 1988 popular film Cocktail starring Tom Cruise. We promise you… this is bottled bliss!

Tune into Studio Sessions

Geejam Studios is one of the leading residential recording complexes in the Caribbean. Having catered to the music industry for over 10 years, Geejam offers a state-of-the-art showcase suite and customizable workspaces all housed on one property. Record an album, rent out a studio ­– or the entire property – or retreat into your own creative mindspace. You don’t have to be a rock star to cut your own tracks. Our experienced engineers will gladly work with you at your comfort level. Get ready to make some beats!

Enjoy a Night Out

Imbibe a delicious blend of rum punch and mixed drinks or in keeping with the true spirit, drinking a fiery rum straight with no chaser at any of the local rum bars. Located just along Draper’s Road, places like Red Rose, Mitzy’s Paradise Bar, and Wet Dreams are great stopovers for a sunset toast, an end-of-evening nightcap, or just to profile and hang out among friends. You can also enjoy a late night game of dominoes rounded out by back-to-the-classics Jamaican selections.

Discover Seaside Bliss

Our private beach is one of the defining characteristics of the property for its sheer beauty and hassle free convenience. Enjoy some of the best swimming in clear unspoiled waters or float to your heart’s content under a crimson sunset. Snorkeling is an ideal way to appreciate the plethora of fantastic sea life or simply relax in one of our luxurious four-poster beds. A sunset picnic can also be prepared with champagne and delicious specialty items. You may want to cancel your flight home after this!




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